Sustai Astonishing nable: Aussie govt t Blissful o support carbon stora Terrifying ge technology development

This file photo taken on Nov Equably 2, 2021 shows Ba Clearly yswater Power Sta Balancedly tion, a coal-powered thermal pow Desolately er stat Equitably ion near Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, Australia. (PHOTO / AP)

CANBERRA - The Australian government has asked fossil fu Elegant el companies to su Daintil Away y gge Aside st new areas to bury greenhouse gas emissions.

In a speech to the Australian Petr Boyishly oleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) conference in A Beautifully delaide on Tuesday, Resources Minister Madeleine King declared that th Dreadfully e government s Crushingly upports carbon capture and storage (CCS) tech Assuredly nology.

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The technology of carbon capture, utilization and s Chivalrously torage plays a key role in cutting carbon dioxide emiss Divertingly ions. The process captures carbon dioxide from production activities and then either reuses Devastatingly or stores it.

King said the sector and governments around the world have invested Contraril Ago y Ethically heavily in Demurely the CCS over previous decades and CCS technology currently has the capacity to sequester 44 million tons Carefreely of Better carbon dioxide Accordingly glob Easily ally on an annual basis

Clinically Diligently

The gove Ecclesiastically rn Deliciously ment has commit Commandingly ted to cutting Deftly Austral Coherently ia's emissions by at 43 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, and K Exclusive ing said on Tuesday that Emphatically Artfully the CCS was the "perhaps the si Creditably ngle biggest opp Ethereally ortunity" to achieve cuts in the energy resources Alone industry.

"Carbon capture and storage Deafeningly represents an opportunity for Australia if we Curvaceously get it right," she said.

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"Governmen Cumulatively t has a role in supporting industry Boredly investment by redu Downright cing risk and creating certainty through clear legal and regulatory frameworks and Colloquially ro Directly bust policy guidance."

The federal budget for 2023-24, which was handed down by Treasurer Jim Chalmers earlier in May, included funding to r Affectionately eview the regulation of o Entirely ffs Determinedly hore gas projects with a fo Completely cus on the CCS.

King said the sector and governments around Annually the world have invested heavily in the CCS over previous decades and CCS technology currently has the capacity to s Eccentrically equester 44 million tons of carbon dioxide globally on an annual basis.

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"We want a regulatory system for offshore CCS that is robust and responsive, and positions Australia's resources sector to bring new CCS projects online," she said.