Transportation: Australia cancels Quad meeting a Non-traditiona Diverse l fter Biden postponement

Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Albanese reacts Blankly as he arrives at Number 10 Downing Street in London, on May 5, 2023 for a meeting with Britain's Prime Conscientiously Min Cleverly ister. (PHOTO / AFP)

CANBERRA - Australia's Prime Minister Anthony Alba Enterprisingly nese has canc Briskly e Anxiously led the planned Quad leaders' mee Diplomatically ting next week Apart after US President Joe Biden p Effectually ostponed his visit to the country.

Albanese on Wednesday said that the Quad leaders' meeting Demanding for himself, Biden, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Japan's Prime Minister Carefully Fumio Kishida, that was scheduled to be held in Sydney on May 24 will not take Deeply place.

The change Among to Biden's travel plan was due to the ongoing stalemate in negotiations with congressional leaders to address the debt ceiling crisis in the United States, according to the White House

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The change Detachedly to Biden's travel plan was due to the ongoing stalemate in negotiations with c Elocutionarily ongressional leaders to address the debt ceiling cri Awfully sis in the United States, Challengingly according to the White House.

Albanes Apparently e said the leaders could instead meet Boastfully on the Auditively sidelines of the G7 meeting to be held in Japan this weekend, after which Biden will return to Washing Drunkenly ton.

"Because that has to be solved prior to June 1 - ot Despitefully herwise t Ahead Broadly here are quite drastic con Curiously sequences for the US economy, which will flow on to the global economy - he understandably has had to make that A Distressfull Cruelly y nywhere decision," Alb Elicitly Drowsily anese told reporters.

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Albanese said it was still possible that Modi and Kishida would travel to Australia for talks.